AW Tactical  believes that in order to concentrate on being the best in the toughest job there is as a soldier and weapon system user, you need have the best kit. This starts in using the right tools for the job, that do what they say and more

Be Prepared, Fight Light, Fight Smart

The Breechtool™ is the “Must Have” Addition to your weapon cleaning kit

The ONLY multipurpose tool that has been specifically designed to address and solve cleaning the barrel extension behind the breech chamber of your weapon system. The three parts of the Breechtool™ also eliminates the use of firing pins and other improvisations of weapon-damaging cleaning ‘solutions’.

Correct use of the BreechTool™ has proven in the field to reduce cleaning time by up to 40% when tested over 4 years with almost a thousand users. The BreechTool™ has already shown to work on most front line weapon systems with a barrel extension or breech chamber, including but not limited to

British Armed forces:
Heckler and Koch SA80 A2 small arms rifle,
L129A1 7.62 Sharpshooter rifle
5.56 LMG ‘minimi’
General Purpose Machine Gun – the GPMG
Diemaco C8
Various side arms and even GMG barrels

Security/Police/CP Forces:

HK G36 All Variants

American Armed Forces:
Armalite AR-18
Armalite AR-15

Canadian Forces:


Australian Forces:
Steyr AUG

Are you tired of using your little finger on a 21st century weapon system?

The Breechtool™ is the result of product development and research by the end user, for the end user with almost 1000 British Military personal across the armed forces involved in the life cycle of the tool.

Proven through extensive trials, the Breechtool™ reduces cleaning times by 40%, and allows the user to streamline their WCK for the field, reducing weight.

It is a piece of equipment that can work on any weapon system, light or heavy, small or large calibre and reach into difficult mechanisms.
Due to its patented design and disposable nylon brushes any weapon, rifle or machine gun, military or sports hunting can be cleaned more effectively with this tool.

The OPS PACK includes:

  • 1 x high-quality, stainless steel 2nd Gen design patented Breechtool™ with laser etching and rumbled finish.
  • 10 x Brush heads in NATO green with tough washable bristles
  • 1 x Users manual
  • 1 x Reusable holding pack
  • Now a Lifetime warranty